Random Souvenir / 2012-2015

δράστης Edurne Herran 11.6.2015

Random Souvenir / 2012-2015

Random Souvenir / 2012-2015

Photographic series

No doubt that our behaviors have changed dramatically with the arrival of the Internet. The World Wide Web is full of sites that are full of people with a high exhibitionist component, as well as other fetishes, which make us wonder how our social conducts have changed. Whereas in the past exhibitionism was relegated to the public realm, it has now found new channels for virtual exhibitionism, that allow viewer and exhibitioner to interact through a virtual interface. This new condition has also allowed for new forms of exhibitionism to be perpetuated and recreated, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube with high doses of exhibition- ism and desire for prominence. Random Souvenirs is a collection of screenshots from the artist’s computer. Placing a ubiquitous inflatable doll in front of the web-cam, the artist captures a moment of intimacy with an anonymous exhibitionist somewhere else in the world. The resulting images be- come a sort of postal, a souvenir of a world interconnected by invisible networks.

A few words about ''agent'' Edurne Herrán

Edurne Herrán, Ingolstadt-Donau (Bavaria, Germany) 22 -2-1978.

Based in Madrid (Spain). Edurne studied in Bilbao and Berlin and gained her bachelor in Fine Arts (Major in Design and Sculpture). She gained the fellowship ‘Emerging Art’ at, Centro Cultural Montehermoso (Montehermoso Cultural Centre), and the Erasmus scholarship to deepen her studies about sculpture and textile arts at KBW-Berlin (Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee) with Karin Sander as her director.

Those scholarships, sponsorships, training periods, residencies etc. led her work both in Basque Country and Germany for 4 years. After that period she moves to Madrid and starts an MA degree in Cultural Management (Carlos III University) and works in this field for two years. She then enrols in high degree studies of stilism and fashion history as she develops her artistic work, linked to those processes learnt during her training period.

She has recently developed her artistic project ‘8 bit Cross Stitch- The Digital Divide’  at the “El Ranchito” space included in the Matadero-Madrid Centre and was selected for the “‘I Encontro de artistas jóvenes’ (1st Young Artists’ Meeting) (Ciudad de la Cultura, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain). Out of this meeting emerges the joint project ‘Container Inside’, within the expo ‘Inside’. This year she gained the scholarship MOVIC’11, and performs a joint intervention at the Centro Huarte de Arte Contemporáneo (Huarte’s Contemporary Art Centre),  Navarra, Spain.

She has attended several workshops and lectures on museology, artistic training, commissioning and cultural management as well as graphic design and has directed several workshops on objectual recycling, painting and drawing and clothes’ customisation for teenagers.

She has been awarded with several prices and art grants as well as several creation assistantships out of which we can highlight the ‘arte emergente (emerging art)’ of the Centro Cultural Montehermoso (Montehermoso Cultural Centre), aids for creation of the Cultural Department of the Basque Government and sponsorships for artistic production of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Council which endorse her trajectory.She has held solo and group shows in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao, Pamplona, Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain and in Berlin and Mexico. Besides, her creations have been present in parade catwalk in Berlin, Madrid and Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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