citywildlife / 2015

δράστης Edijs Vucens 30.5.2015

#citywildlife / 2015

#citywildlife / 2015

Photographic Series

Something is so wrong and yet so right about cities. They seem to be rough, uncertain and cruel, yet a beautiful phenomenon with its own random protocols that has generated new kind of authenticity. The terms Right and Wrong for the author meet in the term Wild. Cities are Wild as real life is happening. People adapt to everything and so does nature.

The artist is as a result introducing the concept of #citywildlife as the common ground for the often contrasting terms ‘wildlife’ and ‘the city’. This concept seeks to prove that city life has not escaped from “real” wildlife as nature is still present in accidental forms. There’s no balance you have to bring back. It’s already here. It has always been.

tags / φωτογραφία