suprematism 2009

δράστης Nikos Kanarelis 20.7.2013

suprematism 2009, 2009, spray on paper 150 x 150 cm

Through the process of sampling, similar to the remix in music production, I select images with which I am subjectively connected, I clear them of every historically institutionalized context and sociopolitical weight, I combine them with other images and symbols in order to be able to talk about painting itself, test its limits, explore its history and role in relation to the role of contemporary cultural agreement. 

My return to the references in contemporary Greek art is also continuous. The coexistence of images by Greek painters easily identified by audience with knowledge of their greekness, with their catholic by now characteristics of known artistic movements such as the Russian avant-garde or Destijl, is functioning with the aim to redefine the Greekness in the international artistic language, the redefinition of the last in Greek art, the cohabitation and influence that the one has on the other and finally maybe the negation of the results that derive from such an argument. 

Thus in my work as an artist, coexist many artists as well as many meanings. However, some meanings are like fixations and present in almost all my works, in almost all the years that I have been a practicing artist. It is maybe because all these meanings do not just compose only the vocabulary of my work but of my very own thought and nature. 
Nikos Kanarelis

A few words about the ''agent'' Nikos Kanarelis

1975 born in Athens, Greece 

Lives and works in Athens, Greece


MFA painting


Solo Exhibitions

2009Gallery GAZON ROUGE, Athens,Greece

2005Gallery GAZON ROUGE, Athens,Greece


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