'THIRA', from Aegean Sea to Milano

δράστης Luca Pastorini Varini 25.1.2013

Crescendo-Luca Pastorini Varini

a journey among greeks and european sonority, introducing new album CRESCENDO composed under the Greek sun, at the Acropoli's slopes

CRESCENDO first studio-album conceived for piano, archs, orchestra and electronics

A few words about the ''agent'' Luca Pastorini Varini

Born in Mantova, began his studies when he was 4years old at the Conservatory and "la gioventù musicale" of Carpi-Modena, where he took part to courses till 1989 when he moved to Milano and continued with his studies under the direction of Studio Marino & Cristina Rampini Malizia. That had been his techical and Classical period, he was influenced by Chopin, Schumann and most of all Bach, one of his favourites whose sound comes in his production.

LUCA always tells Bach had been the precursor of modern music and electonic one too. He was almost influenced by the Romanticism Period, '850 for istance, was interested in english poetry (Byron, Shelly, Wordsworth, Coleridge). It was a period in which he also took part to several national and international piano contests (Ispra, Torino, MIlano, Roma).

The last five years of study were under the direction of the well-known Mrs.Silvana Cani - Zucchi and her husband; thanks to her he discovered his passion for modern & jazz music and Blues genre, abandoning his studing in Classical music for a whyle.

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