Exhibition program SS2017

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Exhibition program SS2017

Gallery opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12–9pm, Sun: 12-7pm

4 April 2017

Edge Piraeus | From Piraeus to Monastiraki for a one-off performative project

Main gallery

A group of 20 young artists from the Weissensee Academy of Αrt Berlin and from the Athens School of Fine Art are coming together for an exhibition project in Piraeus. For one day they leave the port to perform in Monastiraki. The works reflecting artistic research on the wide range of topics - from spasms of democracy to ecstasy of a breakout - will take form of experimental, performative and participatory acts.

6 – 23 April 2017

14th District | Building an Athenian district in Ukraine

Main gallery

14th District project is a collaboration between METASITU, metamatic:taf and the "86". The exhibition presents the process and conceptual framework of creating the 14th District in Slavutych, Ukraine, based on the city of Athens.

Initially built to house the population of workers of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station after the explosion, Slavutych mobilized the support from different autonomous governments from the whole Soviet Union. They each provided a masterplan and construction materials and the workforce for a different district. A total of 10 districts were built in 1986-1988. Each of the original districts represents and is inspired by a different Soviet city. The quintessential postmodern practice embedded within soviet modernity.

14th District proposes to celebrate this unique urban heritage by building a new ‘district’ based on the city of Athens. The district, which will have a spatial intervention, will be a translation exercise: how do you bring one urban context to the next. 3400 years to 30 years of history. Yet, they are both operating in similar contexts of emergency and instability: the completion of Novarka, the concrete dome over the third reactor, will leave almost a third of the active population of Slavutych unemployed. The lack of financial viability has resulted in a large brain drain towards Kiev and beyond. They are both cities operating in borderlands, yet not peripheral, as it is in these urban contexts where crucial notions of tomorrow’s cities are being challenged at the moment.

The exhibition will be comprised of video documentation, sketches, drawings and texts regarding the development of 14th District. The project is being developed within the framework of Tandem Ukraine program

Curated by: Eduardo Cassina & Liva Dudareva (METASITU)

24 – 30 April 2017

Wilderness_AMORGOS Art Residency | How contemporary artists in residency worked with local tradition in Summer 2016

Main gallery

Wilderness_AMORGOS Art Residency is a not for profit art residency in Amorgos Island, Greece for visual artists, from Greece and abroad.

The exhibition at metamatic:taf  features a selection of works developed by the artists in residence in Summer 2016. The artists used Amorgos' landscape and heritage both as a source of inspiration and as a place for finding the materials, in order to create a new art piece.

Participating artists: Abdul- Halik Azees (LKA), Amalia Charikiopoulou (GR), Emma Corrall (GB), Maria Nikiforaki (GR), Ingrid Pumayalla (PE) Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki (GR), Augustus Veinoglou (GR)

For more information http://amorgosartresidency.org/Wilderness_-AMORGOS-Art-Residency

4 – 14 May 2017

Terrains Vagues | A multi-disciplinary walking project through urban voids

Main gallery + Rooms

Terrains Vagues is a collective project taking place at metamatic:taf and public spaces in the city. Terrains Vagues is about the exploration and ephemeral activation of the urban voids, the inactivate spaces of the city through a series of performative and experimental acts. It consists of guided tours and sound walks in Athens (i.e abandoned merchant arcades, ghosted houses, empty industrial buildings), as well as an open studio for cartography, film projections and an audio-visual installation in the exhibition spaces of metamatic:taf. The project encourages the walker/participant to experience the urban texture through its continuities and discontinuities.

Participating artists: Αkoo-o, Yasmin Al-Hadithi, Patrick Baxter, Sofia Grigoriadou, Dana Papachristou, Giorgos Samantas

Curated by: Christina Dilari, Ifigenia Papamikroulea, Dana Papachristou, Giorgos Samantas

15 - 21 May 2017

TAF Birthday Project | 8 years – 2.000.000 visitors – 1.650 artists

Main Gallery + Rooms

The pioneering cultural and digital centre of Athens, established in 2009, celebrates 8 years of operation.  metamatic:taf has defined a contemporary model of cultural production and action, operating as a continuously evolving formation within urban networks. Having being established as an open space for circulating ideas and practices based on participatory culture, experimentation and cross-disciplinary exploration, it seeks to establish extended partnerships with communities of creators across a wide cultural spectrum, whilst building a substantial relationship with its audience through active engagement and co-creation.

Throughout these 8 years, 2.000.000 visitors have visited our space, more than 1.650 artists have presented their work and more than 130 curatorial projects have been exhibited. A full week of memorabilia, parties, installations, events and music sets to celebrate and share great memories with our audience.

26 - 28 May 2017

Travellink | Graphic designers create posters & the TAF bartenders make cocktails inspired by different cities around the world

Main Gallery + Rooms

20 cities - 20 posters - 20 cocktails.

An exhibition conceptualized and developed by INK Project.Exhibition.  INK Project.Exhibition is a design project which combines graphic design with other fields of applied arts. Once a year, an event-exhibition is held with artworks from freelance graphic designers, illustrators, design agencies and artists. Each one creates a poster inspired by the current exhibition’s theme. For more information: http://inkproject.gr/

6 – 25 June 2017

Athens Photo Festival | Exhibitions featuring works from fine art to documentary and photojournalism, photo-based installations and multimedia works

Main gallery + Rooms

Athens Photo Festival is the leading international festival of photography in Southeastern Europe. Exploring critical issues relevant to our times, the programme works within an international, national and local context, encompassing a variety of exhibitions and activities designed to reflect the diversity of contemporary photography, and to create opportunities for exchange of ideas, artistic expression and international engagement.

Organised by: the Hellenic Centre of Photography http://hcp.gr

Artistic Director: Manolis Moresopoulos

For more information: http://www.photofestival.gr/

26 June – 2 July 2017

Remembering and Forgetting - Ostkreuzschuele fuer Fotografie Berlin

Main gallery

Time cannot be stopped, not even captured, or can it? The desire for holding a moment still in time, for capturing the lost moment and for celebrating the decisive moment, were the intellectual driving forces behind the development of photography. Photography took on the challenge. Photographs materializes the moment, reality becomes fixed - a memory, where it was just fleeting reality. But what do pictures show us? What do we really remember? A gap exists between what we remember and what we capture in a photograph. This gap is the subject of this exhibition, which describes the precarious position of photography between memory and reality, between forgetting and remembering the past: The exhibition touches on the dialogue between the past and the present and the future.   by Jürgen keeper

Curated by: Melina Papageorgiou

6 July - 3 September 2017

Exhibition selected through the Annual Curatorial Open Call

Main gallery

The exhibition selected through the annual Curatorial Open Call. The Annual Curatorial Open call is organized by metamatic:taf for the seventh consecutive year addressing young curators under 35 years old, giving them the opportunity to propose a contemporary art group show and implement it in metamatic:taf gallery.