Your Presentation - Guidelines

In this section you can read all the neccessary details so as to add your presentations or your arts, in a enviroment that fully respects the uniqueness and personal character of  your artistic performance. Follow the instructions of “Your Presentation” option and send our metatic:taf editors all the necessary details and supportive material for a successful promotion of your idea.

Read carefully the procedure below so you can understand each step of  the publication process.

Each section is been supported by the related picture in our dummy-event example.

1 – Presentation Category: Choose one of the current categories to fill this section or give your proposal. See where your presentation category is presented (pict. 5) 

2 – Presenatation Tittle: The titlle that is presented in the presentation list (pict. 1).

2.1 - Creators Name: Your Name is stated in the 2.1. picture. If you have upload more that one projects the phrase “more projects of the same artist” will be shown at the end of the text (pict. 6). 

3 – Tags: Additional marks for the main text of your presentattion. Read more in the paragraph “Main Text – what data need to be included”. 

4 – Photographs: All the photographic material supportive to your presentation. This data must be submitted through the “Upload your files” option. Provide only photographs or videos that you have their legal rights. Use tittle for every file so as to be used as description for each picture. See how your pictures with their description are presented (pict. 4 & 4.1.).

Note: Photographs must not overpass 1000x800 pixels. All files must have tittles that are used as description for the pictures. If you dont have tittles for each picture, your presentation tittle will be used.

5 - Presentation Main Text – What data should include: Τhe text that describes your presentation. Your description should be followed by tags (key-words) that will help the readers in the search process (e.x. the main text for an modern art event must be presented along with the expression “modern art” so as to be added also in the presentation page).


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