T.A.F. organizes and hosts group projects in its exhibition grounds or, sometimes, even beyond its walls. The main exhibition space covers an area of ​​100 square meters on the first floor. The program of events is based on either curatorial proposals that the co-ordination team receives via email throughout the year, or through open calls addressed to artists, curators, and creative institutions. Exhibitions, workshops, performances, film screenings, discussions and presentations, theatrical productions, in situ installations, projects in progress are held in the gallery.

taf gallery

 Furthermore, T.A.F. hosts the following annual projects:


Beggining in 2011, the exhibition cycle Studios once a year presents selected works of graduates from the Athens School of Fine Arts, which are part of their dissertation work. The exhibition curated every year by the T.A.F. team, aims to highlight the work of young artists and aspires to illuminate aspects of the artistic issues that arise during the course at ASFA. This exhibition cycle has emerged as an answer to the lack of exhibition spaces and structures to promote the work of graduates outside the educational institutions, bringing the spaces of the school closer to the audience of the city.

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Since 2011, T.A.F. organizes the annual curatorial open call to young people up to 35 years old, for the submission of curatorial proposals, offering them the opportunity to propose a group exhibition of contemporary art without limits to the artistic means and implementing it on its premises. T.A.F. provides technical equipment, covers the operating expenses of the space, as well as the expenses for a special printed accompanying publication of certain specifications, and undertakes the promotion of the exhibition.

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CTRL + τ

CTRL + τ is a work platform for artists and researchers in a period of social upheaval and major cultural changes that are constantly triggering new quests in the field of cultural production. The program is an initiative aimed at supporting emerging artists from Greece and abroad in order to develop their artistic practice by shaping a work in progress. Throughout the year and for a certain period of time, different artists occupy T.A.F.'s exhibition space and social media in order to elaborate on the concept of CTRL + τ with absolute freedom in terms of methodology and artistic means.

CTRL+τ: Marcin Κnyziak

CTRL+τ: Ahi.tek & Privateprint

CTRL+τ: Declinación Magnética 

CTRL+τ: Driewieler Collectief

CTRL+τ: Therese Steele 

CTRL+τ: Elien Ronse


Co-ordination: Christina Dilari, Ifigeneia Papamikroulea

Assistance: Velia Calevi


The exhibition program for 2017-2018.