metamatic:taf Thessaloniki

metamatic:taf in order to broaden the multifaceted endeavour that started in Athens in 2009, created in May 2014 a new physical space of social gathering and cultural activity in the city of Thessaloniki. metamatic:taf Thessaloniki is located in the cultural and entertainment center of the city at an abandoned until recently listed building at Edessis street and operates alongside the space in Athens, taking up brand new initiatives and developing its own distinct identity. 

With a clear reference to the values that define the project metamatic:taf as a whole, the space will constitute an independent establishment implementing events related to all forms of artistic production, open and accessible to the public all year round, seven days a week.

With an emphasis to the dialogue between applied and fine arts and the promotion of interdisciplinary research, metamatic:taf Thessaloniki aims to highlight through extrovert projects the singularities and dynamics of the local community, enhancing the artistic and enterpreneual activity at a local level while creating an international network of collaboration.

Through practices that strengthen people’s participation and solidarity, all members of the community and especially young people are given the opportunity to implement and present their creative ideas, thus contributing to the formation of the city’s cultural policy and identity.

In so doing metamatic:taf Thessaloniki intents to constitute the launchpad for a contemporary approach to entertainment and socialization, which incorporates cultural development and educational characteristics into the experience of the daily life in urban centers.

Address: 5 Edessis str., Ano Ladadika 546 25, Thessaloniki