metamatic:commons options is a platform for expression, promotion and active participation. It is a contact point, an “agora” where your presence (i.e. your input) merges with those of other participants who constantly share, discuss and submit views, thus creating a vibrant field of co-creation and interaction.    

By reading the brief instructions that follow every "metamatic:commons - your own..." option you can easily:

- publish your blog post
- present your artistic or scientific project in the "agents" section
- promote your event and discuss it in the "calendar" section
- submit new links and add your own in a list of online communities and art spaces in the section #communispace.

Discuss your project or event. Suggest your personal choices of places and expressions related to art and culture, state your opinions and use every metamatic:common option so as to enhance cultural expressions in your daily actions. The metamatic:taf editorial team will read carefully your ideas and help in every possible way so your project can become an integral part of our community.