Don't Forget Me Not

exhibition @ T.A.F. / The Art Foundation

The gap between golden moments lost in here and now

Boobs – The Semiology of Breast

exhibition @ T.A.F. / The Art Foundation

the breast as an area of freedom for all of us

LIVE: Kevin Micka

live @ T.A.F.

Experimental music composer Micka creates soundscapes through a process that feels like sculpture


exhibition @ T.A.F. / The Art Foundation

a journey around the world based on a collective participation moment

8 years Τ.A.F. / The Art Foundation

event @ T.A.F. / The Art Foundation


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27 06 2017 ΕΩΣ 01/07/2017 exhibitions

Don't Forget Me Not

T.A.F. / The Art Foundation happily presents the exhibition ‘Don’t Forget Me Not’, opening on Tuesday, June 27 2017 at 20.30 and running until the 1st of July. You cannot delay time let alone stop it – really? The old longing to freeze time, to restore golden ...
17 06 2017 ΕΩΣ 22/07/2017 exhibitions

“Driftwood, or how we surfaced through currents”

Curate Award presents he exhibition “Driftwood, or how we surfaced through currents”, curated by Evelyn Simons, in Athens. The project features 11 site-specific projects by Larry Achiampong, Meriç Algün, James Bridle, Hera Büyüktaşçiyan, ...
08 06 2017 ΕΩΣ 16/07/2017 exhibitions

All the stars, all the seas

Formed in Bologna in 2009, young duo Nadia Antonello and Paolo Ghezzi have appeared at prestigious exhibitions across Italy and abroad, including the Biel Center in Beirut, Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires, the Moscow Biennale, and the National Gallery of Bologna.
07 06 2017 ΕΩΣ 05/07/2017 installations

Andreas Savva: What a wonderful, wonderful world…

Louis Armstrong in his classic song “What a wonderful world” describes the marvelous world where he enjoys the green trees and the red roses, the blue sky with the white clouds and the colors of the rainbow, the bright blessed day and the dark sacred night; he ...
07 06 2017 ΕΩΣ 16/07/2017 exhibitions


His work explores the complex relationship between self and identity within the context of social restrictions and impositions. He is making use of an iconography that plays with the raw and unsophisticated as means of undermining the concept of what art should ...
01 06 2017 ΕΩΣ 19/07/2017 installations

Julian Rosefeldt / Manifesto

A 13-channel film installation by German artist and filmmaker Julian Rosefeldt which pays homage to the literary beauty of 20th century artistic manifestos. From Futurism, Dada, and Pop Art to Fluxus, Lars von Trier’s Dogme 95, and Jim Jarmusch’s Golden Rules ...
01 06 2017 ΕΩΣ 24/09/2017 installations

'The Theater of Disappearance'

From June 1-September 24, 2017, NEON will present a major site-specific installation by Argentinian artist Adrián Villar Rojas, at the National Observatory of Athens, on the archeological site of the Hill of Nymphs. It is his first solo exhibition in Greece.

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