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Actors for change meet in Athens

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Escape moments / At an experiential installation

Hallucinations of the Normal


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20 01 2017 ΕΩΣ 12/03/2017 exhibitions

Dear Aunt Lena: The life and work of Antigone Metaxa

An exhibition on Antigone Metaxa, the much-loved Aunt Lena of children in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. A legendary figure and the most important educator in Greece who gave the country and Greek children the “Children’s Theater”, the first permanent theater organization ...
19 01 2017 ΕΩΣ 28/02/2017 exhibitions

The Right To Be Human

Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art, Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki proudly announce the opening of the exhibition The Right To Be Human, with an opening reception on the 19th of January ...
13 01 2017 ΕΩΣ 12/02/2017 exhibitions

Finnish Architects / Gazing upon Greece / Sketches and Photographes

Although, geographically, northern Finland and southern Greece seem to be far away from each another, are close, or at least closer than anyone could imagine. This is evidenced through the Finnish architect travelers of the 19th and 20th century in Greece,
12 01 2017 ΕΩΣ 28/01/2017 exhibitions

a user' s guide to minor spaces

On Thursday, January the 12th, Circuits and Currents, project space of ASFA presents the group show a user’ s guide to minor spaces, product of the annual collaboration among eight 4th grade students of the Athens School of Fine Arts’ 3d Painting Studio, the assistant ...
22 12 2016 ΕΩΣ 26/02/2017 exhibitions

Christos Bokoros / Glimpses of the obscure

A testimony in painting of a path towards self-knowledge, from the apprenticeship in reality to the temptations of the invisible and from there to the essentials of an austere prosperity. Striving to instill spiritual substance into mortal matter, already worn ...
22 12 2016 ΕΩΣ 26/02/2017 exhibitions

Opy Zouni / Order in Chaos

The exhibition presents the work of the well-known artist Opy Zouni (1941-2008). This retrospective tribute by the Benaki Museum to the artist’s creative life, which spanned almost 50 years (1960-2008), includesrepresentative examples from the wide range ...
18 12 2016 ΕΩΣ 06/03/2017 theatre

"... and Juliet" by Akis Dimou

The Academy Award winning director, Ang Lee, will be directing Akis Dimou’s Monologue “….and Juliet”, starring Pemi Zouni, at the Theatre of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, in a unique 3D Live Theater experience.The play was staged for the first time in Greece ...

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