curated list

“Yours Selection Curated List” is a metamatic:taf service open to everyone. You can choose and manage art proposals or presentations you can find in the “Agents” section and administer your own personal favorite art list, with unlimited access 24 hours/day.

Each art featured in the “Agents” page is followed by a special mark (). By placing your mouse pointer over this mark you can add anyone of these arts in your own favorite list under the name “Curated List” (located in the basic menu – pict 2).

Note: Curated List service does not require any subscription to our website or any other additional personal data. Your favorite arts list is being handled through Cookies and if at some point you wish to unmark all your current choices, the “Curated List” sign immediately disappears (it will appear again when you make new choices).


Managing the "Curated List" service

The following details will help you better understand the use of this service.

Α) Remove current choices. Place the mouse pointer over any art that you have already added in your “Curated List”; you will notice that the “add” symbol has been replaced by the symbol  that indicates you can remove the selected art from your list.

Β) Send your Curated List to a friend: By selecting “Send your choices’ Curated List” a new window will appear. Fill in your personal data and add all the e-mail addresses you want to receive your Curated List.


Curated List mini F.A.Q.

Q: For how long can I have access to my selections (Curated List)?

A: Your selections in Curated List are available for as long as you desire; only when you delete all your choices your list will cease to exist. Since the service makes use of your browser’s Cookies, if you delete your Cookies your Curated list will be also deleted.

Q: Can I send my selections to myself?

A: Yes. You can send to any e-mail address you wish; this of course includes your own!

Q: If I delete my selections, will they still exist in the metamatic:taf site?  

A: Yes. The selections you have made will still appear in the site even after you have deleted them from your list. 
Use this form to contact the metamatic:taf team regarding the “Curated List” service and send us your ideas and suggestions about how we can make it work better for you.