Your Blog Post - Guidelines

In this section we provide all the necessary details so you can submit your blog post (or posts) and communicate directly to the metamatic:taf audience. Follow the instructions of “Your Blog Post” option and send our editors’ team all the necessary details and supportive material for a successful promotion of your post.

Read carefully the procedure below so you can understand each step of the publication process. For your convenience, we have included in each field example pictures from a dummy blog post.

1- Blog Post Title: The title that is presented in the blog post list (section 1 of the accompanying picture)

1.1- Blogger Name: Your Name. You must state whether you wish your name to be published or not.

2- Desirable Upload Date: Fill in the date that you wish your blog post to be published (e.g. 13/2/2012). See section 2 of the accompanying picture.

3 - Tags: Additional markings for the main text of your blog post. Read more in the paragraph “Blog Post main Text – what data need to be included”.

4 - Photographs: All the photographic material pertaining to your blog post; this material must be submitted through the “Upload your files” option. Please, upload only photographs or videos that you have their legal rights to. For each file, you must provide titles which will serve as captions for each picture; you can see how the photographs and their captions are presented in sections 4 and 4.1 of the accompanying picture.

Note: Photographs must not exceed 1000x800 pixels. All files must include titles that can be used as captions for each picture; if separate titles aren’t provided, your Blog Post title will be used as a generic title.

5- Blog Post Category: This section can be filled either by existing categories or by a category title of your choice. See where your blog post category is presented in section 5 of the accompanying picture.

6 - Main Text – What data should be included: This is the text that describes your blog post. Your description should be followed by  tags (keywords) that will help visitors in the search process (e.g. in the main text for a conceptual art event it would be good to include the phrase “conceptual art” so as it can also be added in the Blog page).

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