metamatic: is a multifaceted endeavor that sprang from the need of a group of people to share their interests and at the same time, from those people’s common belief that we are all creators, catalysts and participants in the reality in which we live and that through the ways we chose to act and function at every moment, we re-form our everyday life and, consequently, society. The metamatic: team worked consistently to make a complex networking undertaking possible: to express metamatic: both through the digital environment (i.e. the metamatic:taf website) and the physical space in Normanou str.; it is in those two points that heterogeneous fields like arts, sciences, current affairs and entrepreneurship meet. 

metamatic: is an umbrella covering a multitude of actions. Its main conceptual axis, the one running through its totality has as its starting point the intra-historical exploration of the concept of community and offers a way of communication and collaborative action among people coming from arts, creative industries, enterprises, production etc. Furthermore, through this compaction, we also wish to emphasize that the practices we attempt to bring to dialogue are not conflicting; on the contrary, if combined their effectiveness multiplies. What we want to underline first and foremost is the value of inventiveness, of ingenuity and of creativity and what we want to practically illustrate is that these elements can become key life management tools in today’s world.

At the same time, we need to ethically expand our choices on the grounds of solidarity and co-existence (socially, culturally, within nature and as parts of it) and also to stir towards a form of extroversion that encourages communion and co-creation. Recapitulating, metamatic: is a platform of culture and enterprise action that, having taken into account the constantly changing conditions of modern world, unites a group of people, organizations and communities aiming to develop a new practical vision for human doings and a new vehicle for a new reality. Encouraging knowledge and learning through dialogue and involvement in hitherto unforeseen associations of people,  metamatic: is a new way to perform all kinds of endeavors and express all kinds of interests.

metamatic: seeks the reference points among not intersecting fields and investigates how these new junctions can offer solutions and create new correlations. It propounds collaboration, cooperation, exchange, flow of perspectives, practices, ideas and enterprise proposals, aiming the transition to a more active cultural and entrepreneurial milieu. Utilization of bonds of cohesion among communities for the conservation of civilization’s “bottom-up” aspect, for the propagation of direct democratic processes and the performance of imaginative occupations, is today an entirely rational and rare opportunity for those seeking a way out.

Our main priority in metamatic: has been the creation of an interchange context for people, countries, collaborators and communities; a context that cultivates exchange relationships among its members and promotes their knowledge fields for the benefit of the whole community.