Figure Ι

agent: Thomas Lioutas 27.10.2016

tags: painting

Figure I - Mixed media on canvas, 160 X 120 cm

This artwork is focusing on the connection between existence and human figure, being part of a wider personal research which is conducted on the topic of incineration, thus the aesthetics of this painting is relevant to that of the general theme. Specifically, dominant materials are ashes, charcoal and asphalt, materials closely tied to the notion of fire/incineration that manage to establish a connection to the conceptual basis via these choices in terms of materials and depiction.

The fluid, ghastly figure which is depicted is an example of my thoughts on the concept of existence and it is enhanced by the surrounding environment which is scorched as well as purified. Similarly the concept of incineration, which is pivotal to my artistic expression, is inherently tied to this exact duality of destruction and purification which is apparent throughout human history and culture.

Mixed media on canvas, 160 X 120 cm

A few words about 'agent' Thomas Lioutas

Born in 1992 in Thessaloniki, Greece where he lives and works. Graduate of the department of visual and applied arts of the A.U.TH. Predominantly works as a painter but also experiments on differing forms of artistic expression.

tags / painting