Despair [Απόγνωση]

agent: Jana Tziveleki 1.8.2016

tags: art

Despair [Απόγνωση]

Despair is an artwork from the work in progress titled The [Red Project] and deals with the need of the existence of god, of a superior creature -that either exists or not, is an existence we need, we seek for, sometimes even we invent- and the despair that the lack of faith can provoke.

The [Red] Project is a work-in-progress that wants to talk about human relations. It combines artworks made by diverse materials and techniques, but that are always penetrated by a red thread, the same red thread of the fairy tales and the strong bonds.

A few words about ''agent'' Jana Tziveleki

Jana Tziveleki was born in Athens midsummer, studied digital editing, lived in Spain and now creates images and words as a version of a universe that will never entirely discover.

This gives her some kind of relief.

tags / art