Mashaa Allah: Islamic cultural center in Athens

agent: Sigala Aliki- Chiotis Angelos 27.7.2016

tags: architecture

Mashaa Allah: Islamic cultural center in Athens

Study’s principle is to take a critical approach by introducing a sustainable building complex, in the social, political and environmental aspect, while the issue of religious freedom becomes prominent in Greece. A strategic and experimental plan (in exhibition Chronotopes in Suspension)is proposed in order to investigate the spatial features in which an islamic cultural center is to be established in Athens, the only european capital without one currently.

A few words about ''agents'' Aliki Sigala & Angelos Chiotis

Chiotis Angelos

I am a 24 years old junior architect with a diverse cultural educational background (studies in Brussels and Nicosia). I obtained my architectural engineering diploma from the School of Architecture in the National Technical University of Athens and worked as architectural assistant at the renowned studio of Vittorio M. Lampugnani in Milan.

Currently, I am located in Stockholm, seeking new challenges and investigating proposals for the sustainable future of the cities and researching the elements of space, that are vital for a growing social life, taking into account economic and environmental aspects.

Sigala Aliki


2009 – 2015 National Technical University of Athens, department of Architecture. Degree: 8,97  (Master’s Degree) graduated 10th, Nominated candidate of “Andreas Ploumistos”  prize

2004-2009 Evageliki Sxoli Smirnis High School, Graduation Degree:19,2/20


Greek: Mother Tongue

English: Proficiency (Cambridge) level


Operational systems: Microsoft Windows, 2000, 2007, 2010

Programs: Autocad 2D, Autocad 3D, Archicad, Revit, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max (Basic and Vray), Microsoft Office, Internet Browsers.Everyday use of E-mail and Internet

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