"Epopteia" nature and mythology in the landscape of Vrayron - thesis / 2010

agent: Irene Kontopoulou 23.7.2016

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"Epopteia" nature and mythology in the landscape of Vrayron - thesis / 2010

Vravrona is an area of subdued relief, low elevations and fertile grounds, which also has plenty of groundwater below it. Man and nature have co-existed in harmony since the prehistoric era there, which is a factor contributing to the rich biodiversity and the great number of habitats in the area. The archeological site and the museum constitute, without a doubt, the primary pole of attraction of Vravrona; yet, due to that great number of habitats, the area is also a destination of environmental interest within the Attiki region and not far from the city of Athens. The purpose of this thesis is the creation of a network within the wider area of the archeological site aiming at:​

•The restoration of the smooth relation between the archeological site and the water element.

​•The creation of a long walking path with environmental as well as archeological interest.​

•The promotion and protection of the Vravrona wetland.

Taking into consideration all the above mentioned reasons, we suggest the creation of a network consisting of 3 junctions and the connections between them.​

•The archaeological site (existing use)

•The archaeological museum (existing use)

•Environmental Education Center (new use/facility)​

The connections between the junctions are made after the analysis of the sub-units of the area and the vegetation found in each of them. Moreover, they are constructed using natural materials.The new junction consists of a number of consecutive open and closed spaces forming an entrance route to the wider network area. It is also an attempt to organize the area consequently leading to the gradual transition of the visitor from the “city” to the “landscape”.

A few words about ''agent'' Irene Kontopoulou

Irene Kontopoulou born in Athens in 1983. She studied at the National Technical University of Athens, Department of Architecture, where she received her diploma in 2010. During her studies she received the "Stamos Stournas" award and participated in architectural competitions and exhibitions, such as the competition Future Bench (Athens 2010), where she participated in the relative exhibition and the international competition of XXIII UIA World Congress of Architecture (Torino 2008) .

Her thesis ¨ EPOPTEIA” / NATURE AND MYTHOLOGY IN THE LANDSCAPE OF VRAYRON ¨, published on the architectural site greekarchitect.gr and was selected by the jury of Great 2013 (greek architectural talent) as one of the 41 projects that was exhibited in Athens Concert  (http://www.great2013.com/). Since 2010 she works in Greece and participate in architectural competitions. She has collaborated with architectural office Gr 405 of Aris Zambikos (2010-11) and George Zoupas (2011-12) and also with the architectural office with a primarily subject on residential configuration and restoring traditional buildings.

In her spare time is working on personal projects, attending lectures, reading and traveling on purpose to studying different human societies and the impact they have in the local architecture.​​

More information: www.ar03412.com

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