Dreams of the Mechanised Apartment

agent: Emi Avora 7.3.2016

tags: installation

Dreams of the Mechanised Apartment

A large wall installations built up from various sizes of watercolour studies (A5s, A4s and A3s). The installation will be based on three different cities: Athens, Beirut and Damascus. Apart from their rich histories and monuments that exemplify them, both Athens and Beirut as well as Damascus before the war share architectural attributes, namely the idea of the apartment block and the multifloored buildings based on the modernist canon. The flats hide people’s lives and dreams, their hardships and their longings. Despite cultural differences, looking at their architectural landscapes, one reminds us of the other. Despite their different fates, political and financial situations as well as dominant religions, one could have been the other. In extension we relate to their inhabitants as people with similar difficulties, hopes and dreams but also with different fates, influenced by the wider political and global precedence beyond their control. Watecolours of different sizes will make up an imaginary city that could be growing but also decaying. The abstract nature of the fluid watercolour medium will be used to capture the feel of each city rather than specific details, whereas the installation of the watercolours on the wall will be overlapping, creating an all over and ever expanding composition. Thus the studies will make up a poetic blend of the three cities, losing and questioning their boundaries and forming a large puzzle with the small monochromes acting as building blocks that contemplate the imaginary lives and thefates of its inhabitants. Allowing a space for fiction, this puzzle can act as a spring board for our hopes and fears for the things to come.

A few words about 'agent'

Emi Avora is Greek artist, based currently in London, where she also teaches. She studied at Ruskin School of Art, Oxford and received her MA in Fine Arts from the Royal Academy Schools, London. She has exhibited internationally. Selected exhibitions include: New Court Gallery, Repton UK (2014), National Theatre of Greece, Athens (2013); Studio Voltaire, London (2012); Royal Academy of Arts, London (2011); The Apartment Gallery, Athens (2011), South Square Gallery, Bradford/UK (2010); National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (2008); Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York (2007); The Whitechapel Gallery, London (2006).

Emi Avora official website www.emiavora.com

tags / installation