Sacred Wound

agent: Fotis Varthis 7.2.2016

tags: engraving

Sacred Wound

Fotis Varthis was born in 1983, he comes from Corfu island, lives and works in Athens. At the age of 11, he introduced himself to hagiography, taking lessons by great teachers. Afterwards, graphic design was just one step, because very soon the internal need for personal expression would lead him to intake exams at Athens School of Fine Arts. Initially, he studied at the C’ painting lab. and then at the A’ engraving lab. (prof. Yannis Gourzis)

Apart from the engraving and after he had taken bookbinding seminars, with emphasis on the technique of woodcut, Fotis designs and creates authentic art books.

The byzantine painting, as a visual language, is related to the themes depicted in his works, trying to transfer a painting tradition of centuries, which is maintained, renewed and enriched.The issue of faith, expressed by man, not only for the divine, but also for himself and the fellow man, as well as the relationship of modern man with the spirituality, often return to the allegorical compositions that he creates.

Several of his works have been exhibited at galleries, the Byzantine museum, bookstore multiplexes etc and also can be found in private collections, museums and banks collections all over the world. He has collaborated with publishers mainly in Europe and USA, creating or offering works.

This is the video of the process of engraving and printing the "Sacred Wound" Woodcut, 200x80cm

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