agent: Elien Ronse 19.1.2016

tags: installation


The starting point for Elien Ronse (°Belgium, 1987) is the banal structure of her own life and people surrounding her. She’s endlessly documenting and observing places where she’s living by taking pictures and writing. She methodically collects objective observations, applying both rigorous and arbitrary rules to organise and display her archive. In her work she’s crossing thresholds that separate intimate spaces from public ones. This she does to question assumptions about the way the domestic environment is used and understood. Ronse’s work refers to the way we're controlling our environment by adapting everything to make life easier.

In 2015 she started a project in which she sleeps in different houses in order to document domestic spaces. She was working in Vienna, Taiwan, Belgium, Berlin and now Athens. Between December 22 and January 10 she was sleeping every night in another home in Athens. During the day she was dealing with and processing the pictures, video’s and texts she collected during the night. This process you could follow in the exhibition CTRL+T curated by METASITU. Her archive and the exhibition was slowly but continually growing every day with a final show on January 8 - 10.


Between 23:13 and 11:59 from Elien Ronse on Vimeo.

Interview: http://artdependence.com/

tags / installation