In the light

agent: Magdalene Kourti 21.8.2015

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In the light

By focusing in the "light" the project will move into symbolism with digital print works and video art. "The Symbolists believed that the purpose of art is to capture and express more absolute truths, which can be approached indirectly. For this reason, use images and objects with symbolic meaning ". Her work is on the inner light, state of meditation and feeling of wholeness.

Magdalene Kourti studied painting at UAL - Wimbledon College of Arts and continued with postgraduate degree in digital arts at the Metropolitan University, London. Since 1996 she participated in experimental film festival and exhibitions. In 2000 was selected her video art by BBC and played in central London cinema. In 2004 she won the international digital art festival award in Australia. Moreover her work is in the album of art history by I.Kolokotroni, "Modern Greek Art 1974-2004". She lives and works in Rhodes and is the mother of three wonderful children.

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