For Sale / 2010

agent: Reinis Hofmanis 30.5.2015

tags: photography

For Sale / 2010

For Sale / 2010

Archival Inkjet Pigment Print

Photo series SALE, consisting of Latvian landscapes, which includes sign with call for them to buy. Project tells the story of consumer culture characteristic element "Sale".

In my work, I refer to landscape as culture-geographic phenomena, and a sign as a symbol of consumerism. These two elements interacting, turns landscape into an evidence of an impact, which this century has on the environment. I am interested in relations among landscape and a sign; about how the perception of space changes, if certain elements are suddenly added to it. Landscape is created both by nature and society; it's a product, which emerges, then a human being, using his senses, adds a meaning to the combinations of certain elements in the space. Landscape as well visualizes the development of society, and preserves the evidences of the diverse usage of land.

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tags / photography