Multidome / 2012

agent: Zissis Kotionis 30.5.2015

Multidome / 2012

Multidome / 2012

Photographic series and wooden model

“Multidomes” are urban structures that serve as dwellings for the multitude (multido - domes. In ancient Greek dome, domos means dwelling). They are structures that provide both singular and common spaces in an urban structure that is both a building and a public event.

The project functions as a metaphor: The singularities are cement bricks that form an urban artifact containing common space and living units as well. The singularities together constitute the multitude. The bricks gathered together in structures like ruined domes, house the multitude. Unstructured, heavy, mobile, fragile, unstable, yet collective, expanding the fields of the commons, the “Multidomes” are supposed to provide a built form for new metropolitan living. The “Multidomes” is a simple design - program that produces universal structures adapted to different local cultures and climatic conditions.

A few words about '''agent'' Zissis Kotionis

Zissis Kotionis is a PhD architect practicing in Greece. He is a Professor, Head in the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly. He has published five books on architectural theory and urban culture. Projects and buildings of his architectural studio have been published and awarded in Greece and abroad. He is also involved in artistic performances and installations and in public art practices. In 2010 he was Commissioner of Greece in the 12th Biennale of Architecture, Venice.

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