agent: Antigoni Katsadima 25.5.2015

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The workshop Profilopolis was conducted by Antigoni Katsadima at metamatic:taf on 28 February 2015. It was developed in different stages which included an introduction at the beginning and then discussion and open presentations about “souvenirs” and “objets trouvẻs”, items that have left a mark, and as a result can be traced in the course of time; the synthesis of the material through the development of new stories, which arose and composed the paths towards Profilopolis.

The workshop focused on the presentation of photographic material, however, the exploration resulted in the combination of information, texts and idiosyncrasies. The participants of the workshop were called to take texts by Bataille, Kafka, Benjamin and Foucault into further consideration, through talks related to the final elaboration of their ideas and proposals. The voice of these texts framed the workshop, depending on the idiosyncrasies of the participants.

A few words about ''agent'' Antigoni Katsadima

Antigoni Katsadima, born in Volos, followed Media and Communication studies, at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her master degree focuses on political communication and new technologies. She has been traveling as a tour leader in Asia and Europe, whilst various texts -such as interviews, reviews, essays, poems- have been published in art and cultural reviews, in newspapers and magazines, in Greece and Spain. Recently she worked in hotel public relations in Mallorca.

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