three dimensional collages

agent: Paola Bazz 15.5.2014

tags: art / collage

can you see me? - wood waste 34.5 x 34.5 cm

Three-dimensional collages created using different recycled material such as printed-paper, cardboard, wood and plastic bottle tops.

Paper is recycled from magazines, newspapers and catalogs. The paper, used as a raw material, has been selected according to thickness, color and the three-dimensional and typographic effect. It has been cut into strips and then folded in small or large "concertina" with a squared base. All the "concertina", as big 3D pixels, have been placed within a rigid grid, creating complex collages, and glued to a cardboard base.

Wood, recycled from waste generated during the construction process in the furniture industry, is used to create three-dimensional geometric abstract compositions and color patterns on a square base, where the images are distorted and re-worked at the limits of their understanding.

Plastic bottle tops, of different diameter and height, are used, as unusual 3D pixels, to create distorted and recomposed portraits

A few words about ''agent'' Paola Bazz

I am an Italian-born and Manchester, UK-based artist. Born in Padua, Italy. I studied painting and drawing in my formative years and completed my degree in Architecture at University IUAV in Venice. Along with house renovations, interiors and store designs, I worked on museum and temporary exhibitions as well as theatrical scenographies in Rome, Padua and Milan between 1991 and 2010.

Following my passion for drawing and painting, which I continued alongside my work as an architect, I have always carried out the activity as painter. Using paper, recycled from newspaper glued on canvas, cardboard or wood, as a medium for my paintings I've experimented with techniques, materials and many varying subjects. The faces of people, the movement of the human body and the relationship between public and private in everyone's life, were the themes of my painting.

Between 2004 and 2008 I took part in various group and solo exhibitions in Padua, Milan and Turin and in 2005 I founded, together with other artists, the group “Gruppo Fuoridisegno”.


2004 “Mostra collettiva”, piazza Prinetti, Merate, Milan, Italy​

2008 “Art Net Award 2008”, Net Center, Padua, Italy​​

2008 “Fuori disegno”, La Maison d'Artiste Proposte d'Arte, via Bellezia 15, Turin, Italy​

2008 “Acquavita”, Monticello Brianza, Milan, Italy​

2008 “Facce”, Libreria La Cicala, Merate, Milan, Italy​

2014 "uP" group exhibition metamatic:taf’s gallery Normanou 5 10555 Athens Greece 6th - 28th March 2014. 

Currently I'm exposing my works in a solo exhibition at Corner House, "Cornerhouse Projects/Paola Bazz" in Manchester. You can visit it until 13th may. 

In 2008, in search of new artistic solutions and leaving painting as unique form of expression, I began the production of artworks using printed paper recycled from magazines, newspapers and catalogs .​ This new artistic research has developed mainly from 2010 when I moved to Brussels, where I found new inspiration in the chaotic succession of images, messages, colors and culture characteristic of this city.

Based in Manchester since early 2012 I am now looking to explore further the dimension and the power of printed paper, along with issues like the conflict of opposites and of "chaos".

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tags / art / collage