What's next?

agent: Panos Antonopoulos 12.5.2014

tags: painting

'What's Next?' Year: 2014, Dimensions: 91x122cm, Medium: spray & paper on canvas

''What’s next?'' is a part of The Kid series. The Kid is a collection of artworks where the homonymous character, from the Charlie Chaplin film, is featuring. They have strong street art reference and resemble the movie hero, being innocent and illegal at the same time, playing with his own rules.

Year: 2014, Dimensions: 91x122cm, Medium: spray & paper on canvas

A few words about ''agent'' Panos Antonopoulos

Born in 1981, Panos is an emerging self-taught artist, from Thessaloniki, Greece. Originally being formed as an engineer, Panos’ artistic, social chases and life itself have transformed him into a conceptual artist. Being attracted by the underground, Panos spent some time of his life studying writers like Henry Miller, Jack London, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, among others, charmed by the decadence of their writings. The latter, along with artistic, and not only, experiences in London, Barcelona and Paris where he has lived, have, and still do, influenced his artistic mind. He uses all mediums available in order to be able to give each concept of his a satisfactory form. He uses oil, spray, collage, photography and installations and his works are in galleries in London and Berlin. Panos is also the founder of the 9th art wave online contemporary space (www.9thartwave.com), where he exhibits himself among other contemporary artists.

Opposed to any kind of stereotype and influenced of Stirner’s individualistic theory, his art is mainly dealing with the society, as built today, and people, trying to move the spectator beyond the conventional way of approaching the reality and its consequences. It challenges a number of social forms, creating either provoking or philosophical and more imaginative pieces. As part of the conceptual approach of his work, each piece is different from the other, both in execution and concept.

tags / painting