City Walkers ( teaser)

agent: CReatures 19.7.2013

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City Walkers (teaser)

CITY WALKERS ( teaser)

City Walkers are already part of our daily life, they move around at ease, they pick up a free press from the metro stand as they walk down the escalators and move freely around their stressed co-citizens, they read their favorite magazines, they are usually dressed in relaxed, urban styling and pursue their own, personal choices. City Walkers know most of the secret spots of the city before they become famous and trendy, and can guide you to great places scrolling the smaller alleys of the city centre or can suggest new spots that will soon become the new talk of the town.

They are constantly active in social media, read and follow blogs & sites, they don’t drink when they drive, and when the drink… they use the tube, a bus or a taxi, or have selected in advance the designated driver who will drive the whole group back safely! City Walkers are already out there, they are a community in the City that follows their own, personal path. In short, they know where they are heading and they know how to get there. In other words, the options which Johnnie Walker proposes over time through the message “Keep Walking”.

CReatures working for Advocate/ Burson-Marstellerproduced the City Walkers trailer of DIAGEO HELLAS. Here it is.

A few words about the ''agent'' CReatures

CReatures were born in January 2010.

They made their first successful step a few months later winning the Best Movie Award and People’s Choice Award among a lot of other contestants in the RED BULL REMAKE 2010 Competition.

In October2010 CReatures successfully organized and edited ‘ANAPNOES’ exhibition , in metamatic:taf (the Art Foundation), in Monastiraki.

A short time later they went deeper working for Advocate/BursonMarsteller producing the City Walkers trailer of DIAGEO HELLAS.

After all these , in August 2011 CReatures also established legal status.

We look towards the direction shown to us by our desire for innovation and our love for creation.

We only activate in fields in which we can be distinguished.

We address all of those who share the same vision with us, all of those who create every day the world they’ ve dreamt of , tackling anything that suppresses them.

The members of the team are: Agnostosψ, g.ladiator, Pontiac, dawn, de vavoule
Dorell, electraudio, i.card, j.j.jack, jtee, katrino, nandi, patriarchis, puzzle, stergia, tom and you can learn more about at

CReatures official website

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