granule act

agent: rooster 11.6.2013

rooster / granule act _1

The visual artist Rooster through his work granule renegotiates our relationship with the cityscape.Using the persistence of an archivist and the methodology of an urban planner, rooster selects integral pieces of the city’s architecture and he modifies / repairs them, intending on a mild visual intervention on the cityscape.

The evaluation of uniqueness for every spot (historical, cultural, economic, etc) in combination with the use of a non binding technique for each one of them, creates an exclusive comment / intervention on the relationship between human and urban environment.

Addressing on the relocation of resident’s / observer’s point of view, rooster actualizes small “weirdnesses” betting that either for a second either forever is possible to change the perception about what is familiar and the conviction about what constitutes the personal and communal history of people’s everyday life.

rooster / granule act _1 from Create an Accident on Vimeo.

ROOSTER @ granule act_2 from Create an Accident on Vimeo.

A few words about the ''agent'' rooster

rooster was born an October, grew up without realizing it, lives and works in Athens.

tags / visual communication