agent: Dimitris Kleanthis 12.2.2013

tags: photography

'Each city receives its form from the desert it opposes'

Italo Calvino, "Invisible Cities"

My photo series " Caldera " is inspired by this excerpt in  Calvino's book.All photos were taken in Santorini, a beautiful place that could have  come out from the pages of this book.

A few words about the ''agent''

My name is Dimitris Kleanthis, i was born in 1985 in Athens where i live till today.

I have a Bachelor in International and European Relations from the University of Pireaus and a Master in Criminology from the Panteion University.

In 2007- 2008 i've been a student of Platonas Rivellis in "Photo Circle".

In 2010 i attended the photography masterclass of Antoine D' Agata in Athens and in 2012 i had photography courses in the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York.

Today i work as an architectural photographer.

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