Exposure: Prototype 1

agent: Loes Glandorff 24.12.2012

tags: installation

Exposure: Prototype 1

Noise I think, is data I don’t understand, stimuli that I yet have to interpret. After interpretation it becomes information that I can classify according to meaning and store if worthwhile. However it often seems that an overflow of information causes my brain to reverse the process. It tries to strip information from meaning, transforming it into raw data that blends together into background noise. Something that – theoretically – is easier to ignore.

My brain is working overtime deciding on what to interpret, what to store as useful and what to transform into background radiation. I am real time editing reality and the more saturated the environment, the rougher the cut. It is a process relying on filters, both shaped by ancient survival instincts and this life’s experiences.

I often feel that my filters are flawed. They either leave out too much or let too much in. Especially digital media overrule everyday beauty and internal signals, leaving me feeling out of touch with where I am and what I am doing. Therefore I would like to reprogram my senses to create room for observation and amazement, and skip the rubbish in the first place.

I would like to create a playful installation that enhances the awareness of the exhibition space. I will try this by creating an external filter that focusses on some aspects of the space while cutting out others. With simple means I’ll try to zoom in on the less saturated stimuli like textures, sounds and touch. As this is an experiment the visitors will be both test-subjects and observers. Therefore I will try to find a way to incorporate their experiences into the installation, creating a broader perspective and a growing body of know-how on this subjective research.

A few words about the ''agent'' Loes Glandorff

As a child of my time I embrace new media as a tool to share open and selflessly, but as an old fashioned craftswoman I question the fleeting abstraction they can bring. Since my filter to stimuli is quite thin I have to be conscious about my information diet. The creation of objects – and especially the slowness of matter – allows me to digest the onslaught of information in modern city life.

I was trained as an interior architect (MA) to design spaces, as an applied artist I try to connect craftsmanship with open-source strategies. My projects include a co-created community art project, open-source design experiments, and the creation of objects such as furniture.

Loes Glandorff participates to exhibition ''Muted Distortions'' at metamatic:taf

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