Frenzy (The silence after)

agent: Dimitris Rentoumis 24.12.2012

tags: installation

Frenzy (The silence after)

Distortion, apart from a result of an interference, can be identified as the enormous enhancing and uncontrolled accumulation of all the data flows and production lines together.

The speed of transferring unimaginable amounts of information is increasing with geometric progression and its climax can be also interpreted as the omen of an oncoming collapse of all the distorted fantasies of later capitalism.

After the collapse, the overall noise of an uncontrolled system will be eliminated. While the total catastrophe is being anticipated, smaller apocalypses are already done. Ruins are being left in silence not very far away.

A few words about ''the agent'' Dimitris Rentoumis

I graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts in 2011.

My recent works are about the potentials of shadows and the transformations of pictorial elements.

I have displayed live video performances and works in group exhibitions and projects.

Dimitris Rentoumis participates to exhibition ''Muted Distortions'' at metamatic:taf

Dimitris Rentoumis' official website

tags / installation