Emergency Exit

agent: Berhanu Ashagrie 29.11.2012

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Emergency Exit-Site-specific public space Intervention (turned to a short video art)

Site-specific public space Intervention (turned to a short video art)

The idea of the intervention had been developed through the experience I had during my activities in the space.It’s obvious that the process of dismantling houses had critical effects in various forms of human presence in the surrounding space. In some point, I have noticed that water pipes were broken here-and-there and yet not fixed. Therefore dirty water had been leaking every where from broken water pipes in the ground.

I wanted to create possibilities to make the water pipes accessible and make sense of every drop of it with the very presence of local inhabitants. Therefore I have developed an idea for an intervention which enabled me to engage individuals with some activities beyond their day-to-day experiences in that particular space. And further to understand the level of interactions and reactions of individuals through the practicalitiesof the project activities.

The intervention took more than six hours of on-the-spot activities. What I did was, with full support of local individuals for the space, I deg the ground and managed to access the broken water pipe and I have applied a water hose and sprinkler to irrigate the surrounding dismantled bricks and wall parts. The final outcome of the intervention became a short video that shows a continuous close-up shot of the sprinkler turning round and irrigating the surrounding dismantled bricks.

On the exhibition, the final video and the documentation of the intervention will be presented.

Site-specific Artistic Project in Public Space Background of my Project

…Including ourselves, everything that we have continuously been discovering, facing and suffering are processes, products and consequences of change; …either in the form of transformation or transgression.

As it’s one of enigmatic contemporary legacies, the echoof urbanization and transnational urban culture has beensurfing through open-closed spaces of various socio-cultural,economical and political terrains.

… I am interested to navigate the societal level oftranslations of ideas and activities toward the notionsof 1Social-imagination and 2the Becoming; concerning contemporary human conditions through modernizing activities of cities and its visible and invisible, ecological andspatial dynamics and consequences.

A city is a commodity; produced through intensive human relationships with time, space, nature, technology … and commodities became commodities when we have developed and use them in a way that fulfill our expectations in a convincing and moderated ways. To discuss the notion of a city as commodity in a wider societal level, it should require plural consciousness of inhabitants. It’s because cities are pluralmasses which need plural presence and involvement of individuals and societies in order to make sense either forms of existence.

A few words about the ''agent''

Berhanu Ashagrie was born in Dessie, Ethiopia, on21st of May, 1979. Berhanu has graduated with BFA from Addis Ababa University, Alle School of Fine Arts and Design, in 2005; Addis Ababa/Ethiopia. He has also pursued his Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Utrecht Graduate School of the Arts, in 2010; Utrecht/The Netherlands.

Since his first graduation in 2005 till his Masters Study break in 2009, Berhanu had been teaching at the Alle School of Fine Arts and Design. Starting from October 2010 till May 2012, he has served the School as a Lecturer and Assistant Director. At a time, he is working as a Head of the Fine Art School, since June 2012.

Beside his academic activities in the school, Berhanu has been engaged with various creative activities inside and outside studio environment. He is strongly inspired on process-based creative activities in which relevant interactions could continuously begenerated beyond the position that he has in the every day. He has made various individual and collective public space projects in some countries, which his creative outcomes have been exhibited inside and outside Ethiopia through physical art formations and creative documentations.

Berharu Ashagrie participates to exhibition ''Muted Distortions'' at metamatic:taf

Berhanu Ashagrie's official website

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