There Is No Longer Outside: Noise As A Commodity

agent: Danai Gkoni 28.11.2012

There Is No Longer Outside: Noise As A Commodity

While for the past generations leisure time meantdisappearing from the mass production chain, themodern man produces new immaterial products (pages,groups, etc.) for corporations like Facebook,reproduces and distributes multinational corporationsproducts (movies, music, etc.) through private massivechannels of information like Google.‘Muted distortions’

We are producing commodities 24/7. Every aspect of lifeis being commercialized, transformed into monetary value,also our social life and creativity, our rebellioustendency to a suppressing world. Distortion as astructuring element of the everyday [the rupture ofinformation- noise- act of resistance- filthy graffition white wall- shouting into a quiet crowd or howeverelse you may call it] cannot go too far.

Every attempt of the western world to dispute the dominant economicand power system has failed, because the system itselfhas the mechanism to successfully assimilate and neutralizeits internal distortions. Every attempt of cultural resistance, underground music and subcultures, peoplesmovements against dominant powers, dispute of ownershipare condemned to fail. Postmodernity puts a sexy etiquetteon it, transforms it into a product and successfully putsit back to the eternal production consumption cycle. 

Above all, creativity is the new weapon of capitalism. Inthe name of creativity and freedom of expression we findourselves trapped within a competitive environment, withcertain behavioral attitudes, aesthetic rules and public-notsocial- relations. We are becoming more and more alternativedesigners in a society that collapses. Creative class-postmodern working slavery- is born.

Creativity is re- coded into some unpolitical problemsolving capacity, that enters the stage with a post-religious aura and the promise of unbureaucratic butpassionate and unconditional DIY- commitment to… actuallywhat? Everybody is cool, the coffee is for free and there isno paid overtime: the artist as a neoliberal role model?Somebody is laughing and the target is moving. Reloadand run!

Dolce & Afghaner

A few words about the ''agent''

Danai Gkoni grew up in Nafplio, Greece. She studiedarchitecture in Athens and Delft, where she dealtamong others with theories about postmodernity andthe city. At the moment she lives in Rotterdam,Netherlands.

Danai Gkoni participates to exhibition ''Muted Distortions'' at metamatic:taf

tags / digital art / collage