agent: Everdien Breken 21.11.2012

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I count the grains of sand on the beach and measure the sea; I understand the speech of the dumb and hear the voiceless. Often baffling, dense and difficult to interpret, an Oracle used to be the voice of the gods, a source of wise counsel and precognition of the future.

OraclR is a re-interpretation of the Oracle, a play on the idea of divination. Huge but humdrum information flows (Twitter, Flickr, Wiki) are grabbed by hashtag and grafted on to Homer. The resulting text, based on algorithm, is presented on-screen and read out by a disembodied voice.

A few words about the ''agent'' Everdien Breken

I am very much interested the activity of generating culture – the sorting, ordering, classifying and judging of people and things – and the way this activity is being transferred from human beings to machines. A lot of work that used to be done in brains now takes place independent of humans: it is done by computer programs driven by algorithms. Without these algorithms, the cloud of information that surrounds us cannot be managed or made sense of any more.

I believe we are being taught algorithmic behaviour. We are being coded so as to fit into the algorithmic structure the computer understands. The objective of a computer being to develop us to a point where we are autonomous and competent within the its environment, providing us with options and guiding us towards a pre-defined set of actions. Which gives clues as to the fundamental transformation into informatics that is affecting society today.

Everdien Breken participates to exhibition ''Muted Distortions'' at metamatic:taf

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