I'm dreaming the water

agent: Vasilis Tsarnas 18.11.2012

tags: photography

becoming part of

Intentional camera movement photography

'So the water will appear as a total being, with body, soul and voice. More than any other element, water is a complete poetic truth.'  (Gaston Bachelard - "Water and dreams")

"Again, there are outlines or films, which are of the same shape as solid bodies, but of a thinness far exceeding that of any object that we see. (.) To these films we give the name of images or idols. " - "If you doubt all your senses, nothing will be left for you to help you judge those senses you claim as deceiving." (Epicurus - "Letter to Herodotus" and "Principal Doctrines")

One of the reasons I've always felt attracted to water is its transparency. Because, though it's touchable and there is no doubt it exists, it can always transform into ice, cloud, wave and mirror. I enjoy photography as a way of dreaming different levels of reality, discovering ghosts and shadows. I don't understand this as a metaphysical quest but as a will to show, to myself in first place, how multi-level the world is and how many moments of beauty can be hidden by commonplace.

A few words about the ''agent''

Vasilis Tsarnas was born in Athens in 1975. He is self-taught in photography (and partly in painting and musical improvisation.) by choice. He works in a bookstore. His first solo exhibition took place in bartesera, Athens on April 2012.

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