Ksanaepanalamvanomai (Re-repeating)

agent: Metoo 9.10.2012

Ksanaepanalamvanomai (Re-repeating)

Ksanaepanalamvanomai (Re-repeating) installation is based on the idea of information “reuse”. We use materials that have been printed for different purposes (information leaflets, inscriptions, flyers) in order to visually communicate the exhibition Ecophenomena at the metamatic:taf (the Art Foundation).

Through integration and disintegration we present a text that describes the exhibition concept and resulted from printed materials that have fallen into disuse. In this way, we intervene in the original texts, changing their aspect and content, recycling them, reusing them, thus, giving them a new identity and opening a new cycle of use.

Ultimately, we create texts from texts, we extend the lifetime of the material of visual communication, highlighting the reuse and recycling of existing resources.

A few words about agent ''metoo''

Οur field is visual communication. Metoo creative design fields include corporate identity, print, environmental and web design with emphasis in cultural subjects.

The team was founded in Athens in 2005 and consists of Aliki Kakoulidou, Dimitra Vasilakou and Katerina Antonaki.

Through our collaboration with professionals from differentdisciplines (photographers, architects, artists and software developers) we aim at the formation of an open source creative network.

More information: metoo official website

tags / installation / graphic design