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HOME SWEET HOME, Action Field Kodra exhibition, Thessaloniki, 2012.

Work in two parts: Mixed media diorama sculpture 50cm X 50cm X 65cm (h) and a life-size sign comprized of a steel and timber structure, plywood, acrylic colour and spotlights with dimensions 655cm X 600cm X 770cm (h). 'Action Field Kodra' is an annual contemporary art show that takes place in the derelict site of the Kodra ex military barracs.

The piece was exhibited as part of a section named 'Stopover', themed around the ideas of homeland with references to the history of Thessaloniki, curated by N. Mykoniatis.

The sculpture attemts to reconcile imagery from war-zone bombed residential buildings (e.g. Syria, Lybia, Lebanon), with early 20th century Modernist Utopias and a sense of carelessness or defiance of lurking danger.

The title comes from a hit song, written in 1823 by Henry Bishop and John Howard Payne. Being part of American popular culture for more than 150 years, it has been heavily used as a title for books, films e.t.c. It has become an almost iconic slogan, also embedded in numerus door-mats around the globe.

Photographs 1 to 7 are by Michalis Dalanikas and D. Polychroniadis.

Short Bio - CV

Dimitris Polychroniadis was born in Thessaloniki, 1975. Lives and works in Athens, Greece. Dimitris is a qualified Architect with BA Hons & Diploma in Architecture as well as a Master of Arts in Urban Design, aquired at the University of Greenwich in London. Has worked for a number of years in private architectural practices, obtaining a wide range of experience in design and construction. He has attended the Scenography workshop classes at the Athens School of Fine Arts during the academic season 2001 - 2002.

As a stage designer he has worked for productions of the Greek National Theatre, The Greek National Opera, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Thechnis and Thission Theatres, in collaboration with renowned Greek directors. He has received an award by Athinorama magazine for the set of 'Six Characters in Search of an Author (Greek National Theatre 2003) and was nominated a second time for 'Illusion' (Greek National Theater 2010). He was also awarded the 'Karolos Koun' Prize for Best Greek Play of the year (along with Dimitris Mavrikios and Maria Vardaka) for The Monstrous Masterpiece (Epidaurus Festival 2009). During 2011 he has started to make mixed media sculptures that strongly originate from his architectural and theatrical backround. June 2011, he exhibited at The Cheaper Show No 10 in Vancouver, Canada.

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tags / installation / sculpture