art & technology

In this section, we present web sites that explore the way technology influences art. On one hand, there are sites that promote digital art, whether in the form of installations or as an extension of computer science with techniques such as animation and digital painting. And on the other, the various festivals and organizations who are active in research and promotion of innovative ideas to the public. 

  • Rhizome

    Rhizome started operating in 1996 as a mailing list distributed among pioneers of digital art and with time it evolved to a non-profit organization that records and presents the co-existence of art and technology while also organizing exhibitions and events. The organization is housed in the spaces of New York’s New Museum, a venue specializing in the promotion of modern art works.

    In the web site, we can find archived material of various digital projects from 1994 until today; the archive contains copies of more than 2500 works, each one with its own description; since these are digital art works, the majority of which are distributed through web sites, the copies contained in the archive are exactly as they were when they were first posted online (in some cases, this means a mini-site containing the original source code). Also, the site contains a program with future events, a forum with tens of thousands of posts and a community that numbers more than 30.000 members.