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06 12 2012 to 13/1/2013

Muted Distortions - There is no outside

tags: installation

Ashagrie Berhanu

Laboratory of individual researches / Exploration on the conceptual figure of noise*

metamatic:taf presents the exhibition Muted Distortions which opens on Thursday 6 December and will run until 13 January 2013. 

The exhibition aims to bring together a group of artists, architects, designers and programmers into an exploration on the conceptual figure of noise*. The exhibition is set up as a laboratory where instead of simply presenting a collection of art works, there will be hosted individual researches in terms of ongoing processes. Tied together by a common point of departure - the noise -, works will diffuse into a diverse set of disciplines (architecture, sound art, motion design, etc.).

In the context of the Post-Fordist utopia where the industrial infrastructures are becoming immaterial clouds of information, life tends to be completely invested by acts of production and reproduction. While for the past generations the withdrawal from the workplace coincided with the withdrawal from the mass production chain, for the modern man leisure time does not mean not producing. Nowadays people in their leisure time constantly produce new immaterial products (web pages, internet groups, etc.) for corporations like Facebook, while reproducing and distributing products of multinational corporations such as movies and music through private massive channels of information like Google. 

Taking into account the fact that even when people are not working they keep producing value and products, thus social life itself becomes all the more a productive machine. To the extent to which living and producing tends to be indistinguishable, it becomes obvious that there is no longer any “outside”. Trapped in this loophole of our postmodern present, we turn towards its distortions, towards the proceedings which cause its disruption, we turn to noise*. As we are tuned on the low frequencies, Muted Distortions represent the interference in the signal of the flow of the information. They constitute the process of disruption, the nuisance to what is considered normal (or dominant), which becomes a structuring element of everyday life. 

Muted Distortions are the noise, but they are also a message, a bit of information producing the rupture of information.

* Noise is any information contained to a message that was not intended by the sender. Mulder Arjen, General Media Theory, V2_/Nai Publishers 2004.

Curator: Panagiotis Kovanis

Participating artists: Eleni Aidoni, Eleni Alexiou, Berhanu Ashagrie, Juliana Azevedo, Thalia Velegraki, Everdien Breken, Paul Buchanan, Penny Demertzi, Ingrid Edwards Sang Hee, Zilfo Eri, Fariborz Farid, Danai Gkoni, Loes Glandorff, Stavros Kontakis, Anna Kontonikola, Ilias Kontonikolas, Chrysoula Korovesi, Philippos Mouyaris, Alejandro Ramirez, Dimitris Rentoumis, Laura Pardo, Christina Spanou, Marina Stavrou, Giouli Tsatsopoulou, Giorgos Tsopanos, Leonardo Vargas, Fereniki Fotopoulou, Pavlos Chadoulis

Visit website specially designed for the exhibition 'Muted Distortions'

Opening: Thursday 06.12.2012, 20:30 

Admission free

Exhibition duration: 06.12-13.01.2013

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-21:00, Sun 12:00-19:00

Address: 5 Normanou st., 105 55 Athens, Monastiraki

tags: installation