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01 11 2012 to 2/12/2012


Maria Tzanakou

Annual exhibition of graduates A.S.F.A / The first steps of the artists from the younger generation

metamatic:taf presents the annual exhibition Studios which opens on Thursday 1 November and will run until 2 December 2012.

The exhibition hosts a collection of works by recent graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts aiming to convey the artistic vibe of the school while opening a multiform discourse between works by young visual artists of different styles, techniques and perceptions. The necessity to present these works in unity arose primarily from the lack of exhibition field for the systematic study of the conceptual content and the structural elements of the arising contemporary Greek art, assuming that this systematic study can contribute as well as enhance the process of aesthetic perception and social acceptance.

The exhibition presents individual or group works of art, which constitute part of the artists’ thesis and have been selected with the intention to demonstrate the artistic and educational trends developing and prevailing under the present sociopolitical conditions in the contemporary Greek visual arts scene.

Through their works, some of the artists contemplate and comment the current situation with a derisive attitude, while others renegotiate the historical and artistic past and its projection into the present. However, there are also works of introversive and introspective character connotating a desire/attempt of retreating into a parallel imaginary universe. Having as central pillars of thought social considerations and the conformation of personal and collective memory, the exhibition as a whole perceives the artistic echo reflected by the first steps of the new generation of visual artists.

Curated by: Yalena Kleidara

Participating artists: George Gyzis, Maria Dagalaki, Manolis Daskalakis – Lemos, Giannis Delagrammatikas, Dimitra Dimopoulou, Krini Dimopoulou, Natasa Eustathiadi, Giannis Mouravas, Fani Bitou, Gabriel Pagonis, George Sampsonidis, Maria Tzanakou, Aristea Haroniti, Nikos Hatzikonstantis

Opening: Thursday 1 November 2012, 20:30

Free Entrance 

Exhibition Duration: 01.11-02.12.2012

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-17:00

Address: 5 Normanou st., 105 55 Athens, Monastiraki 

tags: contemporary art