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05 03 2020 to 20/3/2020

Aristea Charoniti -Thanos Tsiousis

Backstage Narratives / Luminous Scenarios / Depictions by two printmakers

Backstage Narratives refers to Aristea's Charoniti work, which intends to “lighten up” in an illustrative manner and by researching prinτmaking's own visual encoding, “inner life” situations, using the psychological life experiences of hers, but also those of her pictured heroes as she imagines them. Figures covered all over with many qualities and hints of their identities is a main element of Aristea's prints, along with symbols that enhance the emotional landscape.

Her depictions function as narratives, thus our eyes as receptors “travel” into each piece of work and project their own “inner story”. Her images “hook” with their sharpness and on the same time they bring us the facts in a gentle way.


In Thanos' Tsiousis work, entitled Luminous Scenarios, we meet characters who experience a basic ambivalence: one the one hand they are the representatives of a bright historical past time, on the other hand this attribute brings them to the contemporary era with inconvenience and insecurity. Memories derived from the artist's photographic archive are edited again and processed by woodcutting. The figures are placed in clouded surroundings, fully decorated and having obstacles. These places have no specific time, or are timeless, such as time would “freeze” on a theatrical scene.

Tightrope walkers and symbolic objects. A personal condition and atmosphere that consists with Thanos' technique, as he challenges to “play” with photographic representation and its reformulation.

tags: Greek engraving