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23 11 2019 to 23/11/2019

Androniki Marathaki // Hi Jack. This is an Intimate version.

The new artistic directory team inaugurates a new theme section at TAF / the art foundation project space commencing with dance. On Saturday November 23rd, Androniki Marathaki’s project will be launched, for a long four-hour duration with Hijackers & Jacks weaving endlessly in circular orbits. The actual goal is to fully coordinate themselves as a social unity and even for just a moment. Dressed simply, only in their underwear, the performers remain simple and almost naked within  their own performance, each one walking in his own personal journey. Dancing within a canvas shaped with simple paper strips, they follow circular paths. Their resemblances are slightly distorted, highlighting thus the differences in the way they perceive themselves and their environment. Their tendency is common to all of us: a tendency for survival and preservation of life.

Androniki Marathaki after a  two-week workshop, introduce us to  the method she developed with her team in the research of the thematic "Love & Revolution" (2016-2018), completed and presented under the title “Hi Jack. Hijack! ”at the 5th Onassis Foundation's New Choreographers Festival (2018).

In collaboration with TAF / the art foundation, she invites us to the outcome of the workshop which stand out as the longest  "piracy" she ever attempted, while also diminishing the physical distance between viewer-performer. It is a version which turns more intimate, a charming "spy" of Dance, a call on how we perceive the relationship of the Art of Dance and its observation in relation to Life.

Hijackers & Jacks: Leda Dalla, Marina Kavvadia, Lia Carabella, Candi Carra, Angeliki Liberopoulou, Domie Mavratopoulou, Panayota Bika, Loukiani Papapadaki, Maria Papadopoulou, Elton Petris, Lila Savvoulidou, Constantinos Stavropoulos, Natalia Tounta, Marina Tsapekou, Maria Fakalou

Hijack Guide: Androniki Marathaki | Sound Design: Lambros Pigounis | Lighting Editor: Nysos Vassilopoulos | Production Partners: Delta-Pi
Graphic Design: Alexander Koxias | Coordination-Communication: Rallou Avramidou


The audience can enter and exit throughout the action, choosing their viewing angle.

Day: Saturday, November 23, 2019 | Time: 19.00 - 23.00

Address: Normanou Street 5, Monastiraki

Free entrance