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09 10 2019 to 14/10/2019

Dilemmas: to arrive at where you started

TAF / the art foundation presents the first exhibition of the thematic Athens is for Lovers for the period 2019 -2020. The thematic 'Athens is for Lovers' presents the work of artists and designers, inspired by the various diverse facets of the city of Athens and more specifically by its residents, the landmarks and its architecture. Creators delve deeper into urban life through their work and present their vision through photographs, drawings, prints, and other useful objects that form a new dimension of the city.

The exhibition Dilemmas by Pagona Kanellou opens up on Wednesday 9 October at 20:00. It will last until October 14. How do we make choices? Are we engaged with clear-cut dilemmas in the light of knowledge, or are we usually plunged in ignorance and shadow, wandering around and around? The exhibition Dilemmas, by Pagona Kanellou, is a laborious and dialectic journey of choices between light and shadow that does not permit immediate access to a certain destination. The exhibition trail, which consists of artifacts inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Precision Optics (Rotary Demispheres, 1925), has the ability to embrace contradictions. It represents, at the same time, clarity and confusion, unity and multiplicity, artistic symmetry and asymmetric chaos. That is why, instead of offering an immediate visual comprehension, the works of Pagona Kanellou meet the challenge of perception through physical and mental exertion: as visitors, we are called upon to follow active paths by making choices and confronting uncertainty. But as we wander around and around through detours and recesses, voids, dead ends and dubious meanings, we pursue our own trails of thought while leaving others unexplored, and it is often very possible that we arrive at where we started. The exhibition, thus, serves as a symbolic device upon the epistemological dilemmas of our age, rejecting absolute knowledge. It is a metaphor of our everyday meanderings, frustrations, and repeated choices between light and darkness.


The exhibition is curated by museologist Foteini Kopiloglou.

Opening: Wednesday 9 October 2019, 20.00

Duration: 9/10- 14/10

Opening hours:  Mon. - Sun. 12:00 – 20:00