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18 07 2019 to 15/9/2019


TAF / The Art Foundation presents the exhibition Brostakalli, running from Thursday 18th of July until the 15th of September.


The exhibition, curated by Ariadne Tzikawas selected through the annual Curatorial Open Call organized by TAF / The Art Foundation for the ninth consecutive year addressing young curators under 35 years old, giving them the opportunity to propose a contemporary art group show and implement it in TAF gallery.


“While her skin was being removed, so that it would look healthier, shinier and thus beating the fear of aging, the old woman said: ‘Beauty knows no pain’ “

Word of mouth greek folktale 


Notwithstanding the radical changes that society has gone through, it is still susceptible to BrostakalliBy examining the meaning of beauty in society, the question that arises is its position between the poles of subjective experience and objective knowledge. Considering the above, the collected artworks are referring to the topic of beauty ideals, in order to explore the reasons why socially established perspectives or ideas exist, and the ways such can provoke psychological and emotional pain. In parallel, the conscious choice of displaying a plurality of aesthetics outlines the potentials of an alternative approach in which every kind of beauty is harmonically experienced.

The aim of the exhibition is to deconstruct the idealized stereotypical models that society, social media, and the fashion industry project. By using the artworks as a tool for freeing the gaze, a new dialogue will be prompted, but also a personal as much as a dynamic measurement of beauty for human beings will emerge.

Participant artists:Pirro Caridha, Alexia Diamanti, Dorina Fountoulaki, Alexandros Garnavos, Theodora Michelopoulou, Anna Moutafidi, Evi Panagiotopoulou, Marina - Sofia Papantwnaki, Ioli Tzouka, Dimitris Vavouras

Curated by: Ariadne Tzika


Exhibition Opening: Thursday 18 July 2019, 20.00



Duration:18.07 – 15.09.19

Visiting hours: Mon – Sat 12:00 – 21:00, Sun 12:00 – 19:00


Free admission