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26 03 2019 to 26/3/2019

March for Workshops / Introduction to storytelling 0.1 by 4Frontal

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Introduction to storytelling 0.1 or how to say a story without making your audience bored and start looking at their phones or the nail on the wall across the room or start thinking what to eat later or try to remember if they closed the boiler, by the theatrical group 4Frontal. 


The participants should wear comfortable clothes, because the workshop will be experienced and physical. 


The workshop is addressed to everyone and there is no need for the participants to have any past knowledge about the workshops subject. 

Limited seats available. To participate in the workshops contact us at or at 210 3238 757. 

Free admission. 


Instructors: Haris Kremmydas, Aristea Stafylaraki

*With them: Eleni Koutsioumpa, Amalia Ninou and Panos Topsidis – founding members of the group 4Frontal. 




Theatrical group 4Frontal was created in 2009 their main occupation is the adaptation of theatrical (or not) works of art, on the stage. The group is consisted of 10 people that finished their studies in the Drama School of Athens Conservatory and co-create taking on different places in the set up of a theatrical play (besides that of an actor), based on the common codes that they’ ve gained through their training and their motivation: the need to communicate with the world through art. 

Since 2016, 4Frontal collaborates closely with the Greek Association for the theater in education, organizing educational workshops for teachers and students of middle education. ATH the same time they organize storytelling seminars for young entrepreneurs in collaboration with the business coach and marketer Panagioti Markantonaki. 

Goal of the group is to always give a political blemishe through their theatrical plays and with the human being on the center, his abilities and his responsibilities. They seek to open a dialogue with the audience thus creating an interactive relationship. If at least on person leaves from their plays, troubled – positively or negatively -, then they have achieved a big part of their goal. 


Aristea Stafylaraki 

She has graduated from the department of Theatrical Studies of Athens University (2008) and the Drama School of Athens Conservatory (2011). She is a founding member of the 4Frontal group, with whom she has presented a big number of theatrical plays from 2011 until 2018. From 2012 until 2016 she worked on teenagers theater presenting theatrical plays for schools, under the guidance of the theater educator and director Tzortzina Kakoudaki. She has taken part in the educational programs ‘Say it with a fairytale’ and ‘Onasis Youth Festival 2018, 2019’ of Onassis Foundation ‘Stegi’. She was instructor of the workshop ‘Respect to the story of 

other people’ with Hari Kremmyda, at the 8th conference for the theater and performing arts in education. She has collaborated with the Hellenic Association for the theater in education and has presented with Thanassi Zeriti the workshop ‘Literature as a theatrical act’. She has taken part at Simo Kakala’s ‘Issues of performance – Apokopos tou Mbergandi’ and the 4th international seminar World Wide Lab Syros with head instructor Ioli Andreadi. 


Haris Kremmydas 

He is a graduate of the Drama School of Athens Conservatory (2011). He has studied Geology at the University of Athens and he has a master degree from the NYU at Theater Production and Management. He worked for the Atlantic Theater Company at Drama League, and at the MCC Theater in New York at the department of art directorship and management. He has taken part as an actor at the theatrical plays ‘Cavafy’ (Town Hall Theater New York, director Rachel Chavkin), ‘Ymbi Dictator’ (director Thanasis Zeritis, Stavros Giannouladis), ‘The dot’ (director Amalia Ninou), ‘Spring Xpress’ (director Tz. Kakoudaki), ‘Gam’ (director Dimitris Mbogdanos), ‘The Mis@nthrope’ (director Stavros Giannouladis), ‘Myrtos’ (director Thanasis Zeritis). Instructor of the workshop ‘Respect to the story of other people’ with Aristea Stafylaraki at the 8th International conference for the theater and performing arts in education.


More info about 4Frontal: 4Frontal

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