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23 03 2019 to 23/3/2019

March for Workshops / Interactive History of Art workshop by Aeriko Creative Hub

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The workshop will be an interactive form of an art history seminar by mousicologist / music therapist Eufrosyni Patra with a guest art historian, that will guide the participants through different periods of art. The participants will get to know artists, composers, writers, theatrical and literature works, music creations, architecture etc. and also the political, economic and social background of each period, that formed them.

Focused on the interest for every art form and the way they were shaped through the years, affected by the social conditions that surround them, we will try to learn about arts of the past with a series of activities that aim to create a personal experience on the subject that is under the microscope each time. The activities will be physical, verbal, creative, individual or co-operative practices, exercises of personal expression and many other kinds of activities. The goal is to learn by experience about arts through these interactive activities and to create an open discussion about them.


The workshop is addressed to everyone and there is no need for the participants to have any past knowledge about the workshop’s subject.

Limited seats available. To participate in the workshops contact us at home@theartfoundation.gror at 210 3238 757.

Free admission with open contribution.



Eyfrosyni Patra is a graduate of the department of Music Studies in Athens, she has a diploma in piano and theory of music, and she also has a Master of Arts in Music Therapy from the Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge. She takes part in seminars, interactive workshops, post – educational programs and since 2007, she works at the primary education. At the same time, she collaborates with the private sector (hospitals, therapeutic institutions etc.), as a music therapist for kids and adults. She also creates creative workshops and educational programs that use music and other forms of art as a tool to look into their relationship with other fields. She is a member of the Greek Association of the Graduate Professionals Music Therapists.


Aeriko Creative Hub was created with the vision of a creative collaboration between educators, artists and other specialized professionals that love alternative ways of learning and with main goals: 

  • The cultivation of expression and creative imagination
  • The encouragement of communication and the reinforcement of socialization
  • The empowerment of empathy and critical thought
  • The evolvement of each person skills and self
  • The love for knowledge
  • The interest for different ways of teaching and experienced learning

Focused on the contemporary educational methods that emphasize on the child centered aspect of education and the active learning and occupation with arts, Aeriko Creative Hub supports the multifaceted, cross-curricular and holistic ways of promoting the unification of knowledge, the creation of a personal system of values for the child and the agency and evolvement of multiple intelligences. The notable and specialized members of Aeriko are always getting trained about the new methods and pioneer approaches form the field of educational and artistic education. Full of new ideas, inspiration and love for the artistic and educational practices and in combination with the many years of experience close to kids and adults, Aeriko Creative Hub offers a series of activities for students, parents, teachers, with respect to their needs, desires and ideas:

  • Experienced activities
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Open proffesionals’ meetings
  • Artistic practices
  • Therapy through art


More info about Aeriko Creative Hub: Aeriko

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