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19 03 2019 to 19/3/2019

March for Workshops / Useful - Useless by Less is More

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The workshop,through experienced comparison of the terms: useful / useless, and within the space of everyday living, brings out the ability to overcome the surface of things, to re-discover them with all of our senses and to see through all of their details and enjoy the meaningful things that life has to offer.


The workshop is addressed to everyone and there is no need for the participants to have any past knowledge about the workshop’s subject.

Limited seats available. To participate in the workshops contact us at home@theartfoundation.gror at 210 3238 757.

Free admission.



Less is more: {Exprerienced Research of co-habitance & educational activities on the field of culture, 2013 – until today}

Is Less, More? Is it another witticism and if not, how is this quip of modernism applicable today? Through experimental research that we accomplish and the activities / workshops that we create, we focus on the interpretation of every day co-habitance, as a multi – sensorial experience, beyond vision. Movement, the haptic relation of body and space, is reinforcing the sight discipline and intrudes in the inside of perception about space and the landscape of the city, delving deeply into it. We built our ‘personal’ narration, that reflects our space and time, our “home”. With the relevance of discussion / games that we create, we get in an empathetic communication with space, we liberate our imagination, we blast productively the field of creativity. This is a research procedure of cogitation and redefinition of self in relevance with other people. Through the experienced interaction that we achieve, push ourselves to re-invent our reality, with common denominator the Team.


Vasiliki – Viki Panagiotopoulou / Researcher – cultural mediator, curator of research laboratories about the ‘habitance’ of the contemporary city, architecture, museum education, Msc ‘Designing – Space – Culture’, cultural management / The participation, the interaction, the creative approach on the context: space – city – habitance, is attractive to her interests.

Ioanna Kiriakaki / Creator of KYRKI Ioanna Kiriakakis Handicrafts – Organic & Upcycled Handmade Creations – ‘The Elegance of Simpicity’ / She is active in crafting handmade everyday and decorative objects, based on circular economy and social impact - Reuse/ Reduce/ Recycle/ Upcycle/ Organic. B.A. in Economics, Business Economics & Finance, Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship / The positive social impact through self-realization is what bothers her and brought her to the creative paths she always wanted.

Konstantinos Apostolidis / PhD in School of Architecture at NMP, MSc Methods & Analysis and Architecture Theory, Architecture / He take part in national architectural competitions and has received many awards.

Eirini Douka / “Management of cultural heritage objects and new technologies”, Archivist, Library sciences and Museology, Ionian University / She is always after adventure and action. What she wants to do is not only profitable and useful for her, but has an impact on society.

Fani Kοκοlaki / Adults Educator, Master of Arts in Design / Product Design, Architecture of interiors, Designing and product design, academic research on interior design, small or big objects, scenography and its digital application / She believes in design interdisciplinary and its ability to empower an experience. She draws her inspiration from unexpected sources and believes that group work can yield intact results and contribute in continuous learning and evolvement.


More info about Less is More: Less is More

tags: workshop