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17 03 2019 to 17/3/2019

March for Workshops / Yoga: The key for well-being by Theodora Karageorgiou and Simos Lazarides

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The workshop will be hosted by Theodora Karageorgiou and Simos Lazarides. In the meeting, a short introduction will be presented by the instructors, othe meaning of well-being, seen by Yoga’s angle. Through theory and practise the participants will find the key for good health and harmony, in order to be led by the instructors to the deep understanding of the Self.


The workshop is addressed to everyone and there is no need for the participants to have any past knowledge about the workshop’s subject.

The participants should bring with them yoga mat, mat or a small blanket.

Limited seats available. To participate in the workshops contact us at home@theartfoundation.gror at 210 3238 757.

Free admission with open contribution.



Theodora appreciated from an early age the multiple possibilities of the human body and that’s why she experimented in different ways of training and creative expression (outdoor exercise, swimming, pilates, contemporary dancing). At the same time, there was an innate tendency for inner search and observation of the human soul in conjunction with the studies of ancient philosophers. Getting to know Yoga in 2011, in a beautiful space by the sea, in Thessaloniki, she was able to combine this quests and study in a holistic way the human existence. She discovered and adopted Pranayama and meditation as mental and spiritual methods of research and she practiced every day the methods of Hatha and Iyengar Yoga. She enriched her training with the practices of Kundalini Yoga, Aerial, VInyasa and Yin Yoga, methods she practices with deference until today. She dedicated 2 years in the completion of the basic Hatha Yoga training of 200 hours, basic and advanced training in Aerial Yoga, as well as a series of seminars on Thai Yoga Massage and therapeutic massage. Teaching offers her a motive to continuous education and training, in order to spread lavishly, what she have learned so far. She is in spired of Nature and Humans. She loves traveling, painting, and jewellery making.


Simos began his journey in physical / mental practices through martial arts. During this journey, he never skipped a chance to experiment with other methods as Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Capoeira, Wing Chun Kung Fu, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, boxing, acrobatics and meditation. As Yoga practices became more regular, he started gradually to share the knowledge he gained all this time. Currently, he is teaching mostly Vinyasa Yoga, which is for him, the best way to channel his interest in the multiple perspectives of human mind and body, the setting of creativity, discovery and work with the natural and the finespun level of being. He also teaches Aerial Yoga and expands his knowledge on Nada Yoga to Thai Massage.


For direct communication with the instructors: Theodora Karageorgiou -, Simos Lazarides -

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