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15 03 2019 to 15/3/2019

March for Workshops / 3D Printing by Jon Rushton

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This workshop will be coordinated by the industrial designer Jon Rushton and the following will be analysed:

 - What is 3D printing? (Basic information and the way a 3D printer works)

- What kind of projects can you do with a 3D printer? (professionally or as a hobby)

- What is the future of 3D printing?

At the workshop, there is going to be a 3D printer and participants will be able to see 3D printing live. Participants will also take home a small 3D printed object as a souvenir.

This workshop will be in English and everyone can take part without having any previous knowledge of 3D printing.

If you wish to participate in the workshop send an email to or call at 2103238757.

Free admission with open contribution.



Jon Rushton is a Brunel university graduate and experienced product designer with a focus on sustainability, aid dependency cycle avoidance and community based projects.  His experience in Computer Aided Design and additive manufacturing have made him a go-to product designer and prototype builder. 

Past projects: 

Project ULTRASCOPE: is an open source 3D printed and laser cut robotic telescope that can be built by hobbyists. ULTRASCOPE has attracted partners such as Microsoft and Qualcomm.

Space Glass: commissioned by Ballantine's is a 3D printed receptacle used for drinking in microgravity, normalising an everyday process to remind astronauts of earth. This project was a massive success and has been featured in the New York Times as well as amassing a combined online advertisement view count of over 15 million views.

Made In Shoes: The Made In Shoe’s (MIS) project is an open source, scalable 3D printed shoe manufacture system designed for the low-tech, highly customizable and hyper-local manufacture of highly durable and repairable natural rubber shoes in the developing world.

Now he is working on 3D Print Project Athens in which he creates a variety of 3D printed objects focused initially on light fittings.


More about Jon Rushton and his projects:

tags: workshop