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06 03 2019 to 6/2/2019

March for Workshops / Needle and Thread by Anna Theocharaki

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The workshop will be presented by the artist Anna Theocharaki and will be about the processing of threads in order to create jewelry. Anna Theocharaki’s concept is based on the idea that the needle is an extension of the body, while thread is an extension of the mind. The tracks of mind are imprinted forever on the cloth, but the needle leaves when its work is done. The needle is a medium, a mystery, a reality, a hermaphrodite, a barometer, a moment and a Zen. Kimsooja.

The workshop is addressed to everyone and there is no need for the participants to have any past knowledge about the workshop’s subject.
Limited seats available. To participate in the workshops contact us at or at 210 3238 757.

Free admission with open contribution.


Anna Theocharaki was born in 1965. She studied design and graphic arts at Patra School, in Athens from 1983 until 1985. She continued her education with seminars and personal readings. She worked as a painter for ten years. Since 1995, she began working with thread, cloth and its implementations, creating spiral wristbands, strings – knots, jewellery, accessories, patchworks, garments, lamps etc. At the same time and for the past few years, she is editing costumes for Jean – Jacques Tesson’s street theatre and she is organising creative sewing workshops for kids, teenagers and adults.


More info about Anna Theocharaki: Anna Theocharaki

tags: workshop